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About Mehul Kaku

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Mehul Kaku is a hard core Mechanical design engineer and does daily job at India’s one of the biggest manufacturing conglomerates.

Mehul Kaku started his journey of writing in 2014 with a book, Strings of Friendship. The book that established him as an author. Mehul’s recent book, #Karma is published not before so long by India’s fastest growing publishers, Vishwakarma Publication.

He runs a unique library, “The Book Swap Library.” In a nut shell, it allows to exchange books to readers for free. This has been immensely received across the literary fraternity. The Book Swap has been a part of prestigious literary festivals like Litofest, Litventure & Pune International Literary festival.

His articles and short stories have been published in various magazines.

Launch of #Karma at Pune International Literary Festival, Pune