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Secrets of Invention, Innovation & Startup the culture of Israel

Israel is the Mother of three religions – Judaism, Islam & Christianity. Having rich culture and heritage values in the pre-historic era, yet, in the recent past, it is a well-known disputed region, surrounded by the enemies at all sides of the border. Often this place has seen devastating battles. The holiest land on the earth is turned as war-zone. The nation freed from colonial status in 1948. Since then it witnessed all sides of life – Poverty, struggle, fierce…

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Publishing Module

Now that all the editing work — by writer him/herself and professional editor — is done, the author is ready to send a query (mostly it contains Synopsis, Sample chapter, Author bio in brief) to publishers. We will, in this post, talk about three ways to publish — Paid Self-Publishing, Self self-publishing and Traditional publishing. I will be using terms directly as I used in my previous blog which was somewhat similar to a flow-diagram of publishing a book. I…

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How to Publish a Book

How can I publish my manuscript? Or, What is the process of publishing the book? These questions have not been outdated in my five years stay in the publishing/writing industry. I have published my first book as Self and second as Traditional. Honestly, the journey from self to traditional has been quite rough and struggling. Those who say it was like a cakewalk, believe me, it is a big lie. I feel blessed to have toiled my way out. In the…


Crisp Book Review

The Mother I never knew by Sudha Murthy: I picked up this book and finished reading in no time. It comprises two novellas. In each story, the protagonist is in search of his biological mother. I loved the way twists are introduced within the twist. For a moment, I was thinking that I got the plot but that was not the case. Some moves surprised with a direction in which story led me. With a very simple topic, the author…

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Top reads of 2018

So in the last post, I pretty clearly made a case of Why I read/write. In this second blog post, we will quickly run through a short & crisp review of books I read in 2018. I read around 25 books in the last year. I know considering a writer, this number is meagre. Nevertheless, in the next year, I will try to at least match this number, if not improve it. Here is my top choice from what I…