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Flickering Soul

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Like candle, our soul also flickers inside the outer shell of body

“Rest in peace,” we say when someone ends earthly journey and begins the voyage to the Heaven. Have we ever wondered why do we say that? Particularly, after the death?

I am not raising an eyebrow for wishing a good future of the soul in the ecstatic world. Absolutely not. We may continue that trend. The point I want to emphasise here is why not to strive to have a peaceful soul within the alive body itself. Is n’t it worth contemplating?

Rich & long history of mankind has proved that the greatest personalities chased peace. The profound & core basis of all religion is to achieve peace. The question is; how can we attain that? There is no “one” answer to this quest.

Peace of soul is all we desire

Our mind wanders continuously; from one thought to another, from one place to another, in a matter of seconds. Heart constantly changes its desires. By inherent virtue, it does not concentrate on one goal. Instead, it keeps tagging newer dreams and loading the soul with higher expectations of worldly pleasures. This never-ending desires and continuous switch from one goal to another without achieving precious goal keeps our soul restless like a flickering candle jyot about the end.

To come out of the dilemma, certain basic and fundamental questions can be asked to the self, like what is it that really makes me happy? I don’t get tired of doing what? Which is that one thing or field, I can contribute to society?

After receiving a concrete answer to the above questions (which is the biggest challenge in itself), we must put out all the energy in that. It should become a mission for the rest of our life. Few names this as passion while others hobby. We must do that particular activity for as much time as possible on a daily basis. This may render enough oxygen to our flickering soul to become stable inside our body.

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  1. Méhul the main point is about being at peace in life itself. I think that could have been emphasized more. And drawn out as the central theme. Nevertheless nice thought

    • Mehul Kaku Mehul Kaku

      Umm, I will contemplate on your feedback and work over it…And who knows, where we will reach. Thank you for taking your precious time to leave a reply. It means a lot to any writer.

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