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RadheKrishna – eternal symbol of Love

A few weeks earlier, I went to one of the Saptapuri (Seven holy cities of India), Mathura along with my family. We wandered in the lanes of Gokul and strolled in the woods of Vrindavan. Mathura is the city where Lord Krishna was born. He was raised in Gokul. Vrindavan was the forest where he fed the cows and calves of the village. From childhood, I had been observing people around me worshipping the Lord. But, during the pilgrimage, I learned about a mystical character, who was revered equally, if not more. The supreme goddess, Radhe. 

Her devotion and love for the Lord have been praised and revered in every lane of this side of the world. The question haunted me during the visit, who was Radhe. I had heard about Bhagwat from mythology experts. According to some of them, in the Bhagwat scripture, there is no mention of  Radhe. Curiosity became better of me and I began to talk to temple Pandits. They all were of the opinion that Radhe was like a shadow of Lord Krishna. She was the head milkmaid and Lord himself had a special space for her in his heart. There are so many places, in fact, almost in all places in this region, both are worshipped as a couple.

Then I started reading a book called Bhakti Shatak by Jagad Guru, Kripalu Ji. He wrote in his book that Radhe has been mentioned repeatedly in all older scripts and Vedas. She is considered as the Mahashakti and even Goddesses like Mahalakshmi and Sati is a mere inch of her. According to the book, Bhagwat was delivered by Shukdev to Parikshit within seven days only. Parikshit knew his death will be after seven days and hence, The great Shukdev did not go into details. Bhagwat mentioned Radhe by other names of the Goddess like Lakshmi, Rama, Sri, etc. Further, the Jagad Guru ji articulated, had Shukdev ji explained everything to Parikshit, it would have been years before he finished his talk.

Further, the Guru explains Radhe and Krishna are no different. They are the part of one soul and through Leela, Krishna created his own two forms at the same time, one male and other a female. There is eternal Krishna in Radhe and vice versa.

According to one of the more famous folklore, Krishna never met Radhe once He left the Gokul. Radhe did not ask him to come back either. Radhe never complained about it. They both were far away yet together. Krishna always lived in her heart, eyes and around. She depicted the world that she saw the Lord in every living being and all non-living elements. Her Bhakti towards the Krishna was so doubtless and strong that they say Krishna felt her absence at times and did not pick up the Murali once he left the Gokul.

Hence, we consider Radhe as the consort of Krishna, and they are and will always be revered together. In fact, they take Radhe’s name first, and then Krishna’s. RadheKrishna.

PS: With further reading and knowledge and understanding, this post may be upgraded.

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  1. Interesting. Had not thought or known about the elusive Radha this way. Makes good reading

    • Mehul Kaku Mehul Kaku

      Thank you.

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