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Secrets of Invention, Innovation & Startup the culture of Israel

Israel is the Mother of three religions – Judaism, Islam & Christianity. Having rich culture and heritage values in the pre-historic era, yet, in the recent past, it is a well-known disputed region, surrounded by the enemies at all sides of the border. Often this place has seen devastating battles. The holiest land on the earth is turned as war-zone. The nation freed from colonial status in 1948. Since then it witnessed all sides of life – Poverty, struggle, fierce…

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How to Publish a Book

How can I publish my manuscript? Or, What is the process of publishing the book? These questions have not been outdated in my five years stay in the publishing/writing industry. I have published my first book as Self and second as Traditional. Honestly, the journey from self to traditional has been quite rough and struggling. Those who say it was like a cakewalk, believe me, it is a big lie. I feel blessed to have toiled my way out. In the…


Flickering Soul

“Rest in peace,” we say when someone ends earthly journey and begins the voyage to the Heaven. Have we ever wondered why do we say that? Particularly, after the death? I am not raising an eyebrow for wishing a good future of the soul in the ecstatic world. Absolutely not. We may continue that trend. The point I want to emphasise here is why not to strive to have a peaceful soul within the alive body itself. Is n’t it…



A few weeks earlier, I went to one of the Saptapuri (Seven holy cities of India), Mathura along with my family. We wandered in the lanes of Gokul and strolled in the woods of Vrindavan. Mathura is the city where Lord Krishna was born. He was raised in Gokul. Vrindavan was the forest where he fed the cows and calves of the village. From childhood, I had been observing people around me worshipping the Lord. But, during the pilgrimage, I…


Crisp Book Review

The Mother I never knew by Sudha Murthy: I picked up this book and finished reading in no time. It comprises two novellas. In each story, the protagonist is in search of his biological mother. I loved the way twists are introduced within the twist. For a moment, I was thinking that I got the plot but that was not the case. Some moves surprised with a direction in which story led me. With a very simple topic, the author…

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